How To: Hip Hop dance the Heel-Toe Flick and Gliding

Hip Hop dance the Heel-Toe Flick and Gliding

Another video for true beginners of hip hop dancing.

Here are two hip hop footwork moves that you should practice. Knowing how to glide is important because your body needs to learn how to transfer weight smoothly from one foot to the other. The heel-toe flick is a move that looks good if you can master it and make it look smooth. Hope this hip hop dance tutorial helps.

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Very good tutorial. Great explanations. And he makes it look easy!


(Very nicely done! By the way, the "in-place glide" can be changed slightly to make one of the classic mime walks - just lift the foot after it goes back, rather than bringing it around.)

Hi I'm a dancer at the Hip Hop Dance Conservatory. His explaination of the Heel Toe flick was good. I'm afraid his demonstration of the Glide is incorrect. What he was actually doing was a "Slide" as his foot maintained constant contact with the floor. You can youtube "How to dance the Boogaloo : How to Glide forward in Booglaoo" for a proper demonstration of what Glide is suppose to be.

nicely done !!!

keep it up

the second steps is very diffecalt 4 me how i can laren it

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