How To: Do the Forever (Chris Brown) dance

Do the Forever (Chris Brown) dance

Here is a tutorial to the the Forever by Chris Brown dance. Hope it make sense. I didn't fully explain the heel-toe flick at the end, but you can search "hiphop dance the heel-Toe flick and gliding" on wonderhowto for that tutorial. Learn how to do the "Forever" Chris Brown dance.

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Excellent! Does a great job explaining the moves. Only wish he had time to show the dance with music at the very end.

this is really great. Nice work...!!!!

Great Job ! Fun moves - I loved it

I loved learning to dance 2 this song!!!

nice moves

this tutorial is very nice) it so simple to teach ^_^

dude you from new zealand(: shot bro!

heyy austin could u put up a video bout how to do that jump jump dance move thingy in forever chris brown its at 1:02 in the music clip

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