How To: Clown walk

Clown walk

Have you run out of moves on the dance floor? Impress your friends and yourself by breaking out some old school moves with a crip walk clown walk move. Follow the steps in this video to learn how to clown walk.

^-=Table Of Contents=-^
The "V" - 00:05
The "V" Variations - 01:45
The "Shuffle" - 03:15
The "Heel-Toe" - 05:12
The "Snake" - 06:30
The "X-Hop" - 07:32
"Freestyle" - 08:41

Song List:
1.Cash Money Millionaires - Millionaire Dreams
2.Big Von - To The Sky
3.Bow Wow - Big Dreams
4.Scribe - Dreaming
5.Ice Cube - Why We Thugs
6.AfroMan - Back To School
7.Nas - The Message

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Clown walk

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