News: Shimmy like Beyonce (wearing a mankini)

Shimmy like Beyonce (wearing a  mankini)

OMG!!! Shane. You go girl!

Shane Mercado is a viral video phenom. He dances to Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies' without missing a beat... and in a single take! Yes, B gets dozens of cuts, but Shane's webcam never pauses.

A couple of weeks ago I mashed Shane up with the original Beyoncé video. It was magical. There was no editing needed at all. He's in perfect time. (Update: the video has been pulled, here's Shane's original)

OMG!!! Shane. You go girl!

Shane Mercado is a viral video phenom. He dances to Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies' without missing a beat... and in a single take! Yes, B gets dozens of cuts, but Shane's webcam never pauses.

A couple of weeks ago I mashed Shane up with the original Beyoncé video. It was magical. There was no editing needed at all. He's in perfect time. (Update: the video has been pulled, here's Shane's original)

Not only is Shane probably exhausted from the three minute marathon, but he's doing the whole thing in barely more than a closet!

This music video is legendary in more ways than one. Beyoncé's choreographer is a known Bob Fosse zealot and there were claims that her routine was ripped-off. She finally admitted to the strong influence of his Gwen Verdon dance routine last month in a BET interview.

With millions of hits on YouTube, fans have been begging Shane to teach them the steps.

After much anticipation we present Shane Mercado himself giving dance lessons to a New York newscaster.

Dance to Beyonce's Single Ladies by Single Man Shane

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i like dance

love ya thanks gor showing my da dance

hey this is your girl beyonce nice really nice job u might be om my show

Are you really Beyonce

and plus she cant even Spell!!

I am soooooooooooooooooooooo jealous!!! Lol. I used to call myself a dancer til I saw Shane... I'm glad that you broke the dance down because I REALLY wanted to learn it. Do you give dance classes on a regular basis?

i loved how you rocked it did it better than a female

you are's the deal...i need to lose 30-40 lbs Shane....teach me the dances to burn it

im so ashamed im lyk a great dancer to be 14 and when i seen that a boy learned the dance before me i was so surprised because you do it so good....ILY SHANE

Brazil is here too!! wonderful film!

I absolutely loved it!!!!!!!! You are amazing! Do you teach in NY? I need to do that dance for a "video present"... Please let me know the 411 on? Where can I learn this dance???

Sure he's a great dancer, but this isn't a great how to video.

It's true, is there a how to video, i'd like to learn it

pretty close, ya gotta do it with heels on though

you sure did work it better than the girlz. i know the drag queens are loving you bitch!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!!! Shane you are amazing You have that dance down to a tee. IF I didnt know any better I would swear that you taught that dance to Beyonce instead of her teaching it to you if I didn't know any better I would swear you knew her choreagrapher on the slick......LOL!!!!!!

soooo.... i need you to teach me the rest lol... i work in the airline industry, i'll fly out to learn! OR

Jerome 22 Denver, CO

go get a lyfee

OMG... You're the BEST DANCER I know.. No editing and in one take... That's Called SUPER DANCER. You're amazing man...


i think i better stick to cassie's dances - she's stiff like me ;o)

The girls need to go, they didn't know what they were doing... Shane you were amazing, as always!


So...I truly hope that the email address you're giving Shane isn't yours. Because you, sir, do not act like a MAN. Nor a human. Spewing hate filled rants on a website towards someone who is infinitely more talented than you... that does not make you a man. And telling him to use his brain, while incorrectly spelling definitely, kind of ruins your point. Acting like a man includes employing compassion and humanity towards everyone. You could probably learn a thing or two from Shane. Grow up K213 and do something productive with your talents.

I think your video is rockin your a wonderful dancer and great artist keep up the great work

Don't worry about the haters. They are hating bc they can't do it. Shane is blowing up, not them! This dance makes people feel sexy and free. And I don't care if a man or woman an teach me. Keep at it Shane!

you are the best dancer ive ever seen.

This is not a great how to video, Y was the camara guy more focus on the girl doin it all wrong, and she didn't have the attitude! I thought that I was goin to get it, I guess not! Shane ur the best, U dont need no back up dancers!

can u break it down a little better for me because everone at my school wants to learn it. p.s:i live in florida

please please please redo this video. i want to learn this so bad and i am positive you could break it down so much better than this video. get a new camera person and get the focus on the, darling.

You are fierce with the attitude and moves. Awesomely done!

Hi Shane I'm from NWK,NJ and my hat is off to you for your dance performance I would like to know if you give dance lessons near me I don't know were your from but if possible can you help me learn this whole dance routine

i dunno how 2 work the video plz help!!

i dont know why u keep showing the lady wearing black. I WANTED TO SEE THE REAL DANCER... which is Shane... she can't even dance...

dang shane you r the bomm hope u do more songs

hmmm, you remind me soo much of brian briedman lol :)
cool dancer baby


Was anyone else bothered by the fact that they showed the people trying to learn the dance, particularly that one chick, more than they showed the instructor? This was a horrible instructional video, I love him, but the camera man sucked.

your so good like omg dang my dancing looks retarted compared to you. maybe you can show me some dance steps

Your a really good dancer, but I hope you will make one more video of this dance where the camera is mostly on you and of the whole dance, cause I REALLY REALLY want to learn it:D

uhmmmm urs r gud buh da camera kills it!
i kant learn it?pls new vid pls?

The guy who is a hater, Shane ignor him and let him try looking at him self he come out with a new word or two.

please take that girl out of the video, the girl in the black that can't keep up with Shane

you are sooooo good at dancing



Love your dance. I wish i can take lesson from you. I enjoyed the video clip. Thank you

could you do it a bit slower

Shane u are a great singer and dancer. Keep doing your thing. Also thanks 4 breaking down the steps and making it easy. Beyonce should be proud!!!!

i wish u could have did da whole thang but dis my first time on this web-site but other than dat u did da damn thang and dat mexican or wat eva need 2 take lessons first then learn dis one

check my myspace bitch

Shane--YOU need a contact...and perhaps Beyonce needs YOU too--you just blew her and all the backups out the way babe! Keep dancing wit your BADD AZZ SELF!! You're da bomb.

look i learned nothing shane you cant teach anything my CAT can dance better that YOU!!!!

i loove the soong and dance is amazing

is this the whole dance?


Not as good as Beyonce or her dancers...I noticed him "leaning" on the dresser at the beginning when he took it to the floor. I don't recall Beyonce needing that kind of help. Best attempt I've seen at totally duplicating the routine though.

i can work it better

i can work it better............... sike ... but my dance team is doin this and i kill it lol

wat up

act a azz

i learned the first part that girl didnt know it and she was in the camera most of the time and she doesnt know it so she needs 2 move out the way and show u so i could learn the whole thing

its harder to eat a ranch chicken snack wrap than learn this dance

nice...i wanted 2 see if you can post a video teaching da stepa of get right by jLo cuz i cant seem 2 find da choreography 4 gonna dance it 4 my sweet 15 so if you could help..i woukld appreciate it a lot.

did any 1 c my duck ;)

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