How To: Do the Wobble soul line dance

Do the Wobble soul line dance

While we admit the Wobble isn't the most sophisticated name for a dance, in practice its actually very sexy and infinitely bootylicious. If you've ever seen a Beyonce music video - or really any R&B/hip hop video with girls in booty shorts and low-cut tank tops - then you've witnessed the glory of the Wobble. Part Hustle and part gyrating, this dance will not only make you look like a goddess, but will also help sculpt your midsection and lower body into tightened perfection.

Jump up(count 4) Jump back (count 4) Lean rg(count 4) Lean lf(count 4) step rg up cha cha cha, step lf up cha cha cha, 1/4 turn rg sway side 2 side backing up(count 8). Now add your own flavor & have fun!

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All the line dances are the best dances ever. A great way 2 lose weight 2.I just them line dances

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