Eat It, Gene Kelly: Turf Dancing In the Rain

Turf Dancing In the Rain

Turf dancing (Acronym: Taking Up Room on the Floor) is a form of street dance of similar vein to krumping. Basic dance elements include mimeing and popping & locking; and the free-flowing style is intended to portray a narrative- not totally unlike Gene Kelly's intention in Singin' In the Rain:

In contrast to the classic 50's musical, the talented kids below bring a similar concept into the 21st century, and their performance is strikingly beautiful.

Pass it on... it certainly made my day.

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That was tight. Freeform popping and locking is always the best looking.

Awesome. But have you seen this combo?

No i have not, that just blew my mind.

tha dude in the red is so beast

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