How To: Do the Jerk in 10 easy steps

Do the Jerk in 10 easy steps

This video demonstrates different types of jerking techniques and styles. The first style is The New Jerk, where you push your legs with your arms and get low. Step 2 is the New Reject where you put your feet outwards as you step. Step 3 is threading, where you grab your foot and jump over your leg. Step 4 is the slide back, where you put your foot up and swing back to slide back. Step 5 is the Head Bang, where you jump in the air and headbutt the air. Step 6 is the mini dip, where you jump slightly and extend your foot. Step 6 is footwork where you turn your body on the Reject move, getting on your heels as necessary. Step 7 is the spin drop where you spin and drop down onto your knees and back up quickly. Step 8 is pindrop combos, where you go back into pindrops after several moves. Step 10 is Dougie, where the hands are especially used. These 10 moves can really help someone become a better jerker.

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