How To: Do a ghetto bounce dance move

Do a ghetto bounce dance move

Check out this instructional dance video to learn how to do a ghetto bounce dance move. Dance this one a bit cocky or else it won't work as well. Chihoe "Groove" Szeto teaches you popular, fun dance moves step by step in these tutorial videos. Remember to drop and practice your ghetto bounce with this tutorial video.

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oh no u didnt u should really watch how u use the word ghetto and u cant teach nobody how to have rythm stupid
this is truely a disgrace to the black community

What does the black community have to do with anything? Your in college, you should be smart enough to realize that the word "ghetto" has no relation to the black community. "Ghetto" is simply a term used to refer to the slums/bad neighborhoods/projects and although it is possible that some of the black community dwells there, it is also home to whites, Asians, Hispanics, and people of many other backrounds. I found this video very inlightening, it served it's purpose and now I am completely confident I can ghetto bounce with no problems what-so-ever.

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