How To: Dance the six major steps of Beyoncé's Single Ladies

Dance the six major steps of Beyoncé's Single Ladies

Dance instructor Michelle Hillier of fit2dance breaks down six dance moves that can be found in Beyoncé's popular hit "Single Ladies". She breaks down six steps of this craze. This is from Beyonce's I am Sasha Fierce video. The six moves are the following: the spank, the pump walk, hip shake, wind down, pussy cat crouch, & put a ring on it. These are rad and new dance moves. Remember the sassy attitude and plenty of booty shakes!

Dance the six major steps of Beyoncé's Single Ladies

Dance the six major steps of Beyoncé's Single Ladies Click through to watch this video on

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I agree Amie. Michelle actually shows some technical training, keeping to keep the learner from looking sloppy or like they are just out there "shaking it".

this is 2 min long this is dumd

wow!!neva let a white girl do a black grl dance!!

Dats so unfar everybody should be able to shake they ass an do what ever dance they wanna do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, how racist. Maintaining a circle of hate will come back to bite you one of these days. Showing your prejudice is ugly. An ugly that no amount of make-up, hair. or moves could ever disguise. I realize you are also probably trying to make a stake to fame by "claiming" Beyonce as one of "your own", but she belongs to anyone who has the price of a ticket or CD LOL As for your own talent, it seems it only manifests in ugliness! poor you.

canadian lady got a little shake in them hips. Id beat!

she was shakin' her assss..........ewwwwww

LOL, this is not a porn. Its a how to video! Ditto for you Jabril1.

not bad!

what's the point in commenting if you're not gonna say anything constructive. And just because a black woman did it in a video does not make it a black girl dance. I'm african american and I love my black women, but I swear, alot of you ignorant black people make our race sound so stupid... it's embarrasing. I only checked out this video because your picture looked sexy on the video cover, but I think you did a very descriptive job.

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