How To: Dance in a nightclub

Dance in a nightclub

This video, Dancing: An Emergency Guide For Men, is a very informative video for dance floor enthusiasts who...well...can't really dance. You will need: the wisdom to recognize you can't dance and the drive to improve. Don'ts: no stepping on toes, slapping, pelvic thrusts, no singing, no mauling, no woop-wooping, no narrative dancing, no pointing bouncing or finger snapping. Remember to relax, feel the rhythm, move to the beat, take a walk around the dance floor, learn some basic steps and their variations. That is just the tip of the iceberg of this entertaining and informative video.

Dance in a nightclub

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One day I'm gonna have to dance. And dance I will!!

This is a great how to dance video for people who are a bit rusty, or just white and uptight.

wait are they dancing or jogging in place?

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