How To: Become a true B-Boy

Become a true B-Boy

If you love hip hop and break dancing, you are already almost there. The steps to becoming a B-Boy are pretty easy, and if you check out this video you will learn exactly how to become one.
You Will Need
• The right attire
• A name
• Rhythm
• Hip-hop music
• Dance moves

Step 1: Wear the right shirts
Wear shirts that stand out, such as a polo or logo t-shirt. Layer it with a long-sleeved shirt or a hoodie.

Step 2: Wear the right pants
Wear pants that are faded or distressed, or wear a nylon track suit.
Don't wear pants that are so large that they hide your dance moves.

Step 3: Wear the right sneakers
Wear comfortable, stylish sport sneakers. This is the most important part of your look.

Step 4: Accessorize
Accessorize with a sweatband, visor, do-rag, trucker hat, or a funky newsboy cap.

Step 5: Create a name
Create a name that matches your style and personality, like famous B-boys such as SoReal, Blonde, and Juse Boogie.

Step 6: Learn tumbling
Learn tumbling moves, including aerials and front and back handsprings. Also learn how to top rock, learn the Skyscraper, the Turtle, swipes, and the six-step.

Step 7: Move body
Express yourself when you dance. Move your body to the beat, react to the sound of the music, nod your head, and lose yourself in the music. The way you move is what makes you stand out from other b-boys.

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